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Executive  Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth and improved performance.
BRK Partnership is committed to giving you the tools you need to reach your goals. We help you work towards specific professional goals, such as:

  • career transition;
  • communication;
  • performance management;
  • organisational effectiveness;
  • developing executive presence;
  • enhanced strategic thinking;
  • dealing effectively with conflict;
  • effective team building.

One key area of focus is ensuring you have a clear understanding of your strengths and the value you bring to an organisation. 

BRK Partnership utilises various assessment tools such as the SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL OPQ) and 360 assessments which highlight how your behavioural style affect your performance at work.  We then work with you to develop strategies to help you build on your strengths and core competencies.  Through this approach, we help you be at your best to deliver the most value to yourself and your organisation.

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Case Study

Mark was a Vice President of a multi-national telecom.  He was hired for his experience and exceptional capability in thinking critically and strategically. 

After several years in the company the Board of Directors replaced the current CEO with whom Mark had had a very constructive relationship. 

The new CEO wanted to bring in his own people but was warned to leave Mark in place, as no one understood the business or the market as well or as comprehensively as he did. 

Mark came to BRK for help managing the transition to new leadership.  Over a six month period, Mark and his Coach worked on identifying which of his skills beyond his critical and strategic thinking he could utilise to build a relationship with the new management team. 

Having already gained the trust of the previous team, Mark had been working as he had always done: focusing on getting the job done.  With his coach, he brought back to life skills in proving himself and building rapport. 

Mark discovered he had many successful experiences and relationships he could draw upon to build trust and gain the confidence of the new team.