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Career coaching

However you are looking to develop your career, the BRK approach will give you the confidence and insight you need.  BRK Career Coaching works with the individual on any and all of one’s career development needs. 

Depending on what you are looking for, we’ll work with you to identify what brings out the best in you and what resources you can draw on to maintain yourself at your peak. We can help at any stage of the process, from CV writing and interviewing skills to establishing career objectives, all the way through to finding and securing the right role for you.

As your career coach, BRK will work with you to design an approach tailored specifically to your needs.  This method may include various tools that consider work styles, preferences and drivers.  

We will work with you to identify what brings out the best in you and what resources you have available to lift to and maintain yourself at your highest performance.


Case Study

Pauline came to us desperate to find a new job.  She thought her then current role was at a dead end, but yet she also felt trapped that there was nowhere else she could go due to her family and financial constraints. 

With her coach, Pauline identified her core skill set, determined what she was truly passionate about and designed a CV with a clear message of her unique value. 

Armed with this new sense of strength and purpose, Pauline and her coach worked on a strategy to approach the job market and utilise her network in line with her style and comfort level. 

In the end, with her appreciation for her unique skill set, she petitioned her current employer for a new opportunity. 

Together, Pauline and her employer came to understand how to better use her skills and passion and moved her to a different division where she now is invigorated and happy.